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If you have a page on the Rubik's cube and which isn't in the list, you can email me, I will put it into the list.

If you speak French, you can also have a look at the best French links.


Rubik's Online The official page.
Wikipedia Rubik's cube page.
Chris Hardwick's Rubik's Cube Page Extremely comprehensive page by one of the best cubists in the world.
How to Solve the Rubik's Cube Includes a poll about your solving time of the Rubik's cube.
The Ultimate solution to Rubik's cube by Philip Marshall. Simple method requiring 65 movements in average.
Domain of the cube, Mark Longridge's page which includes many links and a lot of information and various resources.
Nerd Paradise Blake O'Hare's puzzle page, just visit it.


TwistyPuzzles is a page which gather together hundreds of different photos Rubik's type and 3D puzzles.


Cube Explorer A program that enables you to solve the cube in less than 22 movements in most cases!
Online timer Very useful!
MagicCube4D is a 4 dimensions analogue of the Rubik's cube! Really excellent! And very hard...


The World Cube AssociationThis association governs competitions for mechanical puzzles, in particular the Rubik's Cube world championship.
Jessica Fridrich's page who invented the most used method among the speedcubists.
Dan Knights' page, the former 2003 3x3x3 World Champion
Lars Petrus' page The Swedish champion solve the cube in an original way and using 60 movements only.
Jess Bonde's page : Also a very interesting page.


Dan Knights solving the cube in 12.79 seconds
A robot which can solve the cube!


Domain of the cube, Mark Longridge's page were you will find a lot of theory in his "Cubes notes"
Introduction to Group Theory
Rubik's Cube group/ on Wikipedia.


Official list of records concerning the Rubik's cube All sorts of puzzles are sold there, but particularily Rubik's type ones., German page by Hendrik Haak who sell all sorts of Rubik's type puzzles.

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