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If you have a page on the Rubik's cube and which isn't in the list, you can email me, I will put it into the list.


William Bader's site : General content on the cube
Matthew Monroe's site : 3x3x3 resolution but also 4x4x4 and 5x5x5, ...
A solving method
Kondo Suehiro's page, very good Japanese cubist.
A solving method
Solving method using only 3 algorithms (but it's not necessarily quicker and not necessarily easier than other methods)
Solving method of the 3x3x3
All about Rubik's Cube Xavier Servantie's page.
Don Harper's page
John Rausch's Rubik's cube page
Thuan Nguyen's solution


Kevin Moore's collection


Rubik's Hypercube also a 4 dimensions cube but less beautiful graphically speaking. You can find Cubetimer, a useful program that allows you to time yourself while you are cubing.
Fastest Rubik's cube solver in the world Solver under Unix : 1.2GB ram required(and as much hard disk)!!! I wasn't able to test it...
Cube Solver Program developed by Ron van Bruchem which allows to solve the cube ignoring some parts of it or allowing to restrict allowed movements, which can be very interesting.
Online solving program which gives the movements to do
Virtual Reality Magic Cube Java cube developed by Yuh-Jye Chang (from 2x2x2 to 6x6x6)
Another game programme
Optimal Rubik's cube solver a program developed by Mike Reid which solves the cube in a minimal number of movements.
Multi-User Dimensions were you can find several programs of playable puzzles.
Rubik's Cube Desassembled an applet developed by Werner Randelshofer which allows you to play with the cube but also to explode it in order to see inside of it.
Rubik's Cube Java Applet Play with a java cube (Michael Schubart)
Computer Cube a Windows program which simulate a Rubik's Cube


Mathematics and researches

 OTHER RUBIK TYPE PUZZLES Solution to several puzzles. (Jake Olefsky)
Twistymegasite Several puzzles, and plans to build real 4x4x4 and 6x6x6! (Wayne Johnson)
Resolution of NxNxN cubes
Rubik's cube-like puzzles Contains other things the mathematic aspects of Rubik's type puzzles (Prof. W. D. Joyner)
Twisted-Mind-Games : Pyraminx, Rubik's Clock, Rubik's Magic Master Edition,... (Chris Eggermont)
Puzzle Ring Home Page : a web ring dedicated to all sorts of puzzles.
Juergen Koeller's homepage Solution to Rubik's Cube, Snake Cube, Rubik's Magic, Magic Cube,...
Rubik's puzzles, a page were you can play to several Rubik's type puzzles (Raymond Penner).


Mail archives of the Cube Lovers mailing list from 1980 to 1996. A mountain of information!
The cube-lovers group : subscribe to this discussion group about the cube.
Rubik's cube information Lots of links and references books concerning the Rubik's Cube. (Michael Reid)
Rubik's Cube Art Some artistic things realized with cubes, as well as cubes customized cubes. (Andrew and Kristin Looney)
Still Cube Art Philip K.'s page who customized some cubes.
Fred Holly's Rubik Cube Designs Still some Cube Art
A cube-solving machine made with Lego
The perplexing life of Ernö Rubik
Various information on Ernö Rubik and the cube

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