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If you have a page on the Rubik's cube and which isn't in the list, you can email me, I will put it into the list.


William Bader's site : General content on the cube
A solving method
John Rausch's Rubik's cube page



Fastest Rubik's cube solver in the world Solver under Unix : 1.2GB ram required (and as much hard disk)! I wasn't able to test it...
Cube Solver Program developed by Ron van Bruchem which allows to solve the cube ignoring some parts of it or allowing to restrict allowed movements, which can be very interesting.


 OTHER RUBIK TYPE PUZZLES Solution to several puzzles. (Jake Olefsky)
Twisted-Mind-Games : Pyraminx, Rubik's Clock, Rubik's Magic Master Edition,... (Chris Eggermont)
Rubik's puzzles, a page were you can play to several Rubik's type puzzles (Raymond Penner).


Mail archives of the Cube Lovers mailing list from 1980 to 1996. A mountain of information!
Rubik's Cube Art Some artistic things realized with cubes, as well as cubes customized cubes. (Andrew and Kristin Looney)

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