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  • The official record for the resolution of the cube is 16.92 seconds. It was established by Jess Bonde on december 16 2002.

  • Geir Ugelstad (Norway) solved 3 cubes blindfold, on December 14, 1998 in Stockholm. Ralf Laue(Germany) did the same thing (details).

  • One handed record: Duncan Dicks (U.K.) solved the Rubik's Cube in 53.29 sec.

  • John White, a student in second year of mathematics at Warwick's university solved the Rubik's Cube in his back in 136 seconds (after examining it during 10 minutes)

  • Ralf Laue (Germany) solved the Rubik's Cube blindfolded in 5min42s.

  • The biggest number of Rubik's Cube solved in 20 minutes is 44, exploit realized by Julian Chilvers (U.K.)

  • The record for solving 100 Rubik's Cube consecutively is 54 minutes, established by Luc van Laethem.

  • Marathon : Jess Bonde solved 2000 cubes in 22 hours and 16 minutes, on december 17 2002.

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