How to dismantle my cube?

Twist the upper layer of half a quarter of tour (or of an eighth of tour if you prefer). Now the 4 edge cubes (cubbies with 2 colors) are exactly above the edge cubes of the second layer. All you need to do is to slide a flat screwdriver or a knife between the first layer edge cube and the one of the second layer and to lever it up : the edge cube of the upper layer jumps and its easy to dismantle the rest of the cube.
BE CAREFUL: this is valid only for the real Rubik's Cube, the one which have the Rubik's Cube logo (and I'm not sure its valid for the Rubik's Cube of the 80's). For the others, the mechanism isn't the same and you mustn't lever it up! There's a screw in the central cubes which can only be accessed by removing the stickers.


My cube's stickers are already gone!

That's not surprising! The original stickers on a Rubik's cube don't last long. There are composed of 2 elements : a very thin plastic protecting film which goes off rapidly, and a colored paper directly stuck on the cube, but its colors goes off quickly when the protecting film is gone. Here some solutions :

Where can I buy a Rubik's cube?

You can find it in hypermarkets and toy stores about 10$ and you can buy one on the internet (look at the online stores in the page of links) (column "Miscellaneous")

I have a Rubik's Cube with pictures on it, how do I orient the center pieces?

If you are already familiar with a normal Rubik's Cube (without pictures), you should be able to solve it without problem, at least for the first two layers if you take care to the orientation of the center pieces while you solve the cube. Indeed, for the first layer, all you have to do is to put the back edge cube behind the center piece, the front edge cube ahead, ...
For the second layer it is completely possible to do the same thing. For the last layer, it can be harder depending on your solving method for the last layer. With the method I present on my site for solving a normal cube, there's no problem since the main algorithms preserve the central pieces orientation.

However if don't manage to do it, here are some algorithms that may help you:

To understand how it works : all you have to do is to review the movements for each face:
example for the first algorithm (U R L U2 R' L' U R L U2 R' L'):
U: U,UČ,U,UČ : U6 = U4 + UČ, so the U face center will turn 360 degrees and then rotate 180 degrees
R: R,R',R,R' : R0, so the R face center will not move
L: L,L',L,L' : L0, so the L face center will not move

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