There is a multitude of Rubik type puzzles, that is to say sequential puzzles which manipulation and resolution remind those of the Rubik's Cube.
Ernö Rubik invented some of them, but not all of them, far from it.

rubikscube.gif Rubik's cube

Inventor: Ernö Rubik
Size: 56.5 mm on a side
Permutations: 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 ou 4.33x1019

pocketcube.gif Rubik's Pocket Cube(2x2x2)

Inventor: Ernö Rubik
Size: 40.0mm on a side
Permutations: 3,674,160 ou 3.67x106

rubiksrevenge.gif Rubik's Revenge

Inventor: Peter Sebesteny
Size: 66.0mm on a side
Permutations: 7.40x1045

professorscube.gif Professor Cube (or Ultimate Cube or Rubik's Wahn or also Master Revenge)

Inventor: Udo Krell
Size: 69.0mm on a side
Permutations: 2.83x1074

pyraminx.gif Pyraminx

Inventor: Uwe Meffert
Size: 102.0mm on a side
Permutations: 75,582,720 ou 7.56x107

megaminx.gif Megaminx

Inventors: Kersten Meier, Ben Halpern
Side: 30.0 mm
Permutations: 1068

skewb.gif Skewb

Inventor: Tony Durham
Permutations: 3.1x106

dino.gif Dinocube

Size: 50.0 mm
Permutations: 1.9x107

square1.gif Square 1 (Cube 21 pour la version européenne)

Inventor: Dr. Vojtech Kopsky and Dr. Harel Hrsel
Permutations: 1.2x1013

siamese.gif Siamese Cube

triamesecube.gif Triple Cube, Triamese Cube

533cube.gif Cube 5x3x3

circus.gif Masterball

geomaster.gif Rainbow Masterball

If you want to see more mechanical puzzles, visit the Virtualpuzzlemuseum , a site which gather together more than 600 photos of puzzles "type Rubik".

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